2022-05-07 Furanum Records 15th Anniversary @ Suicide Club

Furanum Records is back to the club, celebrating 15 years of existence in conjunction with a powerful compilation on this longstanding imprint.
Name-check the following artists underneath.

May 2022 marks the 21st release to the catalogue. A diverse affair, yet united by the dim vibe of the underground… Harsh, caustic characteristics informed from a pure industrial background. The release includes contributions from renowned icons to promising newcomers, forging a potent symbiosis of harsh textures, drones and otherwise for future dance floors or other environs.

Coan (Furanum Records, Photoverlag / DE) – live
Dominik Müller (Uncto, Beuthen OS, Furanum Records / DE)
Fangarm + Nobutaka Shomura (Furanum Records, Nadryv Records / NO, JPN) – live
Fromm (Breaking Point / CRO)
HUREN (Zhark Recordings, Leyla Records / CAN) – live
LIIneas (Furanum Records / DE)
Makaton (Rodz Konez, Blueprint / UK) – live
Sirio Gry J (Monolith Records, Furanum Records, IT)
SKD (Furanum Records, Monolith Records / LV) – live
SkuV (Modern Bön, Metzger Therapie / IT) – live