29.11.2019 BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE on Furanum Records!!!

Only on 29.11.2019, up to 50% discount available on Bandcamp.
You can grab the full digital discography for only 50% of the full price, and each physical item will be available with a 35% discount with the following codes:
blackfridayFu007 for Fu007
blackfridayFu009 for Fu009
blackfridayFu010 for Fu010
blackfridayFu011 for Fu011
blackfridayFu012 for Fu012
blackfridayFu013 for Fu013
blackfridayFu015 for Fu015
blackfridayFu016 for Fu016
blackfridayFu017 for Fu017

blackfriday for FRBC 01 – Baseball Cap
blackfridayFRT02 for FRT02 T-shirt

The countdown is running, DON’T MISS IT!!!