Dark/Industrial Techno Label founded by Dominik Müller.
Coming from industrial region of Upper Silesia, based in Berlin.

Furan: on one hand a flammable, highly toxic organic molecule, and on the other one of the pollutive byproducts of a combustive fossil-driven industry. One such heavily industrialized region is Silesia, formerly one of the world’s largest producers of coal and a place with a long and turbulent history.

To Domink Müller, the founder of Furanum Records, the aesthetic inspiration behind the label can thus be characterized by both the volatility of the compound and its personally relevant historical context. Such duality is reflective in general of the dialectical tension between many of the themes explored on the label’s output: brutality/subtlety, man/machine, order/chaos, pain/pleasure, domination/submission. Modern techno, with its inherent capacity to evoke extremes of experience, is the chosen mode of expression for the juxtapositions of these thematic extremes. Through machined rhythmical precision, textural experimentation, and an overwhelming sense of scale, each featured composition on the label aims to serve as an engine of immersion in the part frenetic, part euphoric swelter of sweat, sound, strobe, fog, and flesh. Now based in Berlin since 2012, Furanum Records continues to serve as a nexus for the industrial vision of like-minded artists from around the world.

We do not accept any demos now.