Cat. No.: FU007
Format: 12″, WAV, MP3
Mastering: CGB @ Dubplates and Mastering Berlin.
Artwork: Daxi.

Furanum Rec. continues its industrial assault on the latest EP from label-head Dominik Müller, Liberation from Deadlock, this time on an inaugural limited 12” vinyl release. Keeping in line with the ethos of the label, ‘Broken Pipe’ delivers a dose of dark, industrial, and relentlessly hard techno. Making his debut, Poland’s Nair takes on remix duties and presents a decidedly different approach to the track, opting instead for a less aggressive, more brooding feel, characterized by subtler rhythms and more prominent oscillating soundscapes. On the flip side, ‘Exhumation’ launches into a twisted broken beat amidst what seem to be, as the track’s name suggests, wails of tortured souls being brought back to life. Finally, Sweden’s Mattias Engvall returns to the label with his own interpretation of the track. Staying true to his style, he transforms the beat of the original to a pounding four-to-the-floor rhythm and gives the melody a more loopy yet decisively hypnotic character.

Mastered by the legendary CGB at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering, the record will be available from 2011.01.10 at fine vinyl retailers.

Words: PSD