Cat. No.: FU009
Format: 12″, WAV, MP3
Mastering: CGB @ Dubplates and Mastering Berlin.
Artwork: Daxi.

As is often the case with the act of collaboration of the like-minded, for Uncto, the duo of Furanum owner Dominik Müller and newcomer Rafal Fürst, the process has led to a combinatory transmutation of individually held ideas and a consequent emergence of novel forms and patterns. Forging a marginally slower yet more physically corpulent sound than that previously witnessed on the label, they explore the universality of death and suffering as part of human existence on ‘Pain’, their inaugural cooperative foray. Immediately evident in ‘Dirty Minds’, their vision takes the form of an aggressive and firmly driven cadence whose narrative-carried forward by an intertwining melody both haunting and evocative-unravels like an accompaniment to the lurid and debased thoughts that inevitably lie in the deepest, darkest, and most suppressed regions of the psyche. Continuing, ‘Schinder’ launches into a blistering tour de force that progressively and relentlessly amplifies the intensity of its disclosure. Much like a victim yearning for release yet unable to resist the self-gratification brought on by a deeper submission to an oppressor’s rhythmic flagellation, the beholder is left to sadomasochistically endure the ongoing aural decadence. In analogy to the medieval torture device bearing the same name, ‘Judas Cradle’ bears down on the mind with immense acoustic weight, seemingly crushing all latent resistance in its path. The looping cacophonous disfiguration cyclically degenerates and recombines itself into order, bringing to mind a grotesque simulacrum of the part sublime, part neurotic agony of madness. Concluding the record, ‘It’ appears to offer respite from the battery of preceding compositions, as a series of patiently swelling drones draws one into the scene, giving little warning of the imminent sonic cataclysm. Before long, the illusion is irreversibly and brutally shattered as a cavernous eruption sets in motion a sub-driven danse macabre, staggering and reverberating until the very end. Mastered at Berlin’s D&M by CGB, ‘Pain’ is available as of 2013.02.23 on red marbled 12″ as well as in digital format.