Cat. No.: FU019
Format: MP3, WAV, FLAC, TAPE
Mastering: Mastered by Dominik Müller.
Artwork: |FFT|.

The latest Furanum catalog entry, the eighteen track “Shreds from the Netherworld” by Sirio G, continues on from the previous release on the label in terms of both format and medium as a cassette-bound long play.
Consisting of a dynamic repertoire of intense electronica, the conceptual journey presented here is held together by a central thesis entirely fitting within the label’s ethos.
Paraphrasing the artist’s own words, the album presents a series of “deep excursions” into one’s own visionary “Netherworld” through the duality of detached observation and visceral immersion, each corresponding to one of the two sides of the cassette.

Serving as an initiatory rite, the album opens with one of several beatless compositions, “Psychophonia,” whilst the other four serve throughout the LP as stark interludes of purgatorial respite. Much like a mythical descent into a hellish underworld, the record’s core could be conceptualized as consisting of several successively intensifying stages.
First the slow-paced, heavyset cadence of “Void” and “Acheron” usher one into enveloping rhythmic abyssal depths. “Ogre” and “Karmageddon,” in turn, adroitly capture the label’s staple sound through pounding drums, narratively layered synth wails, and a relentless sense of propulsion as they take the listener past the point of no return. Finally “Hegemony” and “Mind-wash” push the musical excursion into an infernal sea of imposing off-beat chaos.

Complimenting the entire repertoire are three remixes, the first of which shows a side of Uncto notably not heard before, as the duo delve into the depth and open space of the ambient and almost soothing “Down The Abyss,” and in turn transform it into a haunting, heavyset yet spacious engine of force.
Newcomer to the label SKD takes on ‘The Deaf Souls,’ originally a monotonically hypnotic exercise in experimentation, and reformulates its raw materials into an erupting beast. Finally, label mainstay Tomohiko Sagae takes the oscillating and prodding rhythmic structure of “Void” and skillfully disintegrates it through ceaseless layers of sonic hell.

Mastered by Dominik Müller, “Shreds from the Netherworld” will be released on 2021.02.12 in limited quantities on cassette as well as in digital form at all fine music retailers.