Cat. No.: FU020
Format: 12″, WAV, FLAC, MP3
Mastering: Mastered by Kassian Troyer.
Artwork: |FFT|.

The latest entry from Furanum sees label boss Dominik Müller and repeat contributor Tomohiko Sagae return from remix duties on the label’s preceding long play release for a four-track split vinyl treatment of Fu020. On The Other Colours of Poison, acting apart yet seemingly as one, they both dispense with nearly any pretense of an introduction, epilogue, or abstract ambiences, and instead opt for a pure and dancefloor-bound effort of four-to-the-floor industrial relentlessness encapsulated in two compositions to a man.
Sagae notably eschews his signature noise-manifesto driven approach in favour of a compelling centering of groove as a prime determinant of musical force. The results of this approach are on display first in ‘Tartrazine,’ where a rhythmic mind-worm seemingly burrows it’s way in, assimilating and holding the beholder in a frantic dance of oscillatory sway. Likewise, in ‘Amaranth’ an ineluctable sense of technoid acceleration is achieved, with each of the composition’s successive loops driving the sense of propulsive sonic force relentlessly forward, not unlike the turning of a violent accretion disk tearing matter apart.
As for Müller, he builds on his previous work to construct two reliable aural vehicles for the delivery of unrelenting and thematically oriented vehemence. ‘Demut’ is like a scene of surrender to an engineered and shifting collosus, overwhelming all attempts at its full apprehension as cogent reverberations puncture the surrounding temporal space. On the flipside, in ‘Toxic Environment’, he captures the narratively framed pulse of a phrenetically beating heart, beating on despite all odds through sheer force of will and self-overcoming.
Mastered by Kassian Troyer, The Other Colours of Poison will be available on vinyl and in digital format as of December 2021.
Words: PSD